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Pizzaiolo Christian brings a taste of Italy to Stanford Christian Ferreyra recently traveled all the way from Bologna, Italy, to bring authentic Italian cuisine to Stanford, Kentucky. As an Argentinian Italian, he has lived in Italy for twenty years. There he learned how to become a “pizzaiolo” [...]... Read more
How to Prune Good Fruit: Trusting God’s Plan When It Feels Painful I think about my own life, and even the reason we are in Tuscany. It was partly so I could research and work on a book for a couple of weeks, but it was also [...]... Read more
Restored in Tuscany Book Launch BOOK SIGNINGRestored in Tuscany by Angela CorrellFriday, March 8: 3 pm to 5 pmLOCATIONKentucky Soaps & Such203 West Main Street, Stanford, Ky.DINING OPTIONSBluebird5 pm to 8 pmorMama DeVechio’s PizzeriaBy Reservation Only at mamadspizzeria.comRestored in Tuscany is now available in all formats.www.angelacorrell.com Purchase Your [...]... Read more